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Caryn Bursch
Caryn Bursch, B.Sc., M.Sc. (A), AuD, reg CASLPO, reg OSLA, CAA, Doctor of Audiology

Caryn Bursch has been involved in the field of Audiology since 1986. Due to a solid background in neuroanatomy, otoacoustic emissions, clinical diagnostics, hearing aid technology, and client counseling, as well as with continuing education in the field of Audiology, she is an excellent diagnostic clinician.


Caryn has a Bachelor's degree in Science (specialization Communicative Disorders) from the University of Western Ontario, where she was on the Dean's Honour List. After gaining experience in audiology at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal Q.C., she moved to Ottawa ON to further her studies. Her Master's degree in Science (specialization Audiology) was taken in the French language from the University of Ottawa, where, despite being primarily English-speaking in a class of francophones, she graduated top of her class and earned the Student Excellence Award from The Canadian Association of Speech and Language Pathologists and Audiologists. This award is given to the best all-round future professional in Communicative Disorders at each university offering this degree. It is based on grades, leadership qualities, clinical ratings, and provision of peer support. She recently finished her Clinical Doctorate in Audiology from the renowned Salus University in Pennsylvania. The Clinical Doctorate in Audiology is the highest clinical degree offered in the field of Audiology.


Caryn has been serving the hearing impaired population for 20 years, with a break for returning to pursue further academic studies. She has worked in Montreal, QC., as well as in the Ottawa and surrounding area since 1994. She enjoys interacting with patients of all ages, and has maintained an excellent reputation for treating all clients with care, concern and courtesy. She worked with Rodney Taylor at the Civic Hospital in Ottawa in 1995 during an internship, and joined his practice in 2005, after working just outside Ottawa for 7 years. This move has allowed her to explore further neurophysiological testing, due to the advanced equipment available at Advanced Hearing Aid Clinic. She enjoys being able to work with such an experienced, educated and proactive colleague, and feels their complementary styles make for a strong team.


She is delighted to take on the Central Auditory Processing Assessment Program at Advanced Hearing Aid Clinic, and will continue to provide clinical support for the on-site ENT specialist. She is also available for wax removal, amplification counseling, and hearing aid modifications, both physical and electroacoustic.