This is only a small portion of the letters of thanks and praise that we have received.

All letters and cards are real and are accessible at the clinic for your perusal.

  • Patients and Family Members*
  • Colleagues
  • Staff and Interns

* Patients and Family Members – Due to College Regulations, we are no longer able to provide testimonials from Patients or Clients in our advertising/promotional efforts.

I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with Mr. Taylor at my solo practice in otolaryngology for the past three years. His clinical skills are first rate and his ability to identify and solve problems within the field of audiology seems to be unparalleled…..Rodney was instrumental in setting up the Audiology/Neurophysiology
Program at the Civic…..he was called upon to supervise and instruct audiology students
from different University settings….because of his capacity of seizing the initiative, as
well as his ease with problem identification and problem solving. "

— Colleague - P.M. M.D.

I would like to thank you for all your support at the conference, in your roles as session
chair and room monitor. We appreciate your commitment to the event and are particularly grateful that you "volunteered" for both these tasks. It is professionals like yourself who gave additional amounts of time and expertise, that helped make this conference the success that it was. "

— Colleague - S.L.

I can't thank you enough for your participation in our focus group. Your comments were
excellent and will help us plan better products and services in the near future….the others
were very impressed with you-if you ever want a job as a staff audiologist let us know...I
really appreciated you help. "

— Colleague - D

Our customers are now far more educated that they were 20 years ago…they are more
involved in total hearing health care and quite savvy in the areas of information
technology and patient care…no one embodies this more than Rodney Taylor and his staff. Rodney can be singled out by his impeccable ethical standard and outstanding
business practices….his business concept was so impressive: we asked for permission to use it as a prototype for all new businesses opening across the country…I am not surprised that Rodney Taylor has been nominated for such a prestigious award in such a short amount of time. I am confident that he deserves this recognition and will undoubtedly find himself worthy of many more awards throughout his career. "

— Colleague - C.P. (Management at one of the world's largest manufacturers of hearing aids)

Rodney's ongoing dedication to the field of audiology is evident with his vigorous
participation in many capacities with various provincial and national audiology organizations…his input has been invaluable and has enhanced the field of audiology
tremendously throughout Canada. "

— Colleague - L.O.

I have been working with hearing professionals for many years, providing help for the hearing-impaired. I can categorically say that Rodney Taylor of Advanced Hearing Aid Clinic is in an elite group of professionals that far exceed the normal in providing
knowledge, quality care, and empathy to their hearing-impaired patients. The citizens of Ottawa are very fortunate to have someone of Rodney's caliber to serve their hearing, diagnostic, and rehabilitation requirements. "

— Colleague - G.R.

I had the opportunity to work with Rodney, Caryn, Mel, and the rest of the Advanced
Hearing team during one of my academic rotations for my MSc. in Audiology. I was
immediately impressed by the dedication to current hearing research demonstrated by the clinical Doctors of Audiology at Advanced. They are constantly looking for the most reliable and accurate assessment methods and applying them in practice. They are engaging in diverse and specialized audiological services that would not usually be found in a typical hearing aid clinic. In terms of audiological services, the wealth of professional knowledge and experience at this location is second to none in Canada, and maybe even in North America. The amplification services provided at Advanced is highly motivated by evidence based practice and matching the listening needs of patients. I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to Rodney Taylor and the rest of the Advanced team for working with passion to help their patients hear to the best of their abilities. I have learned so much
from all of you. "

— Staff and Interns - S.L. UBC graduate student, Faculty of Medicine, Master of Science, Audiology

I was extremely impressed with Rodney's clinical skills as well as his strong aptitude for
clinical research….his comments and skills in clinical procedures conveyed enormous
analytic ability, creativity, and intelligence…he is very engaging, warm and personable… Rodney clearly displays extraordinary potential as a researcher and audiology clinician. "

— Staff and Interns - N.S. Ph.D.

Too many hearing/hearing aid clinics are owned by large companies or hearing aid
manufacturers these days. With Advanced Hearing Aid Clinic Inc, I'm not just a number at the bottom of a pyramid, supporting many managers and administrators by sales of predetermined products. With an audiologist at Advanced Hearing Aid Clinic's helm, I have access to the most updated equipment, my opinion counts in the creation of clinical procedures, and I get to brainstorm with other Doctorate Level candidates regarding the best diagnostic and treatment procedures for each individual client. "

— Staff and Interns - C.B.

I am excited to be part of an outstanding team here at Advanced Hearing Aid Clinic in
Ottawa. Using the utmost and state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to offer a complete range of hearing and balance services. The caring, knowledgeable, and qualified personnel of the Clinic always ensures that patients are at ease and receive professional treatments and personalized consultations at each visit. We value the quality of our tailored hearing and balance services and we are open to advanced technology and approaches to hearing and balance care. "

— Staff and Interns - F.T.

Advanced Hearing Aid Clinic has allowed me to develop invaluable skills and I have
acquired a vast amount of practical skills and knowledge…I feel very fortunate to have
been given such a wonderful opportunity to learn from you…your clinic is a success and
you stand out as a leader in the industry. I was impressed with all the advanced
technology you are using to test and help people…even I am one of your most satisfied clients… I was told I could never wear Completely-in-the-Canal style hearing aids but you were right-I wear them now and I hear so much better and they are less noticeable. Working at Advanced was not only a great learning experience but I also developed personal relationships with your wonderful staff. They are a great group of people to work with and I look forward to coming in everyday and just being part of the team. Throughout my life I have only met a handful of people who have had such a great impact on me; you are truly an inspiration to me. "

— Staff and Interns - S.Q.